Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Over-intellectual hipsters reveling in the wonder of the ordinary

I went to see a live taping of This American Life at the Paramount theater tonight. I am what you might refer to as a This American Life 'super fan'. These are my people, I think of them as friends. I own the comic book and the dvd. I've been to see them live before, and I once applied to be an intern on the show, never mind the fact that I know nothing about radio beyond how to listen avidly.
Tonight was delightful, there was a Chris Ware animation, Mates of State played my favorite Nico song and Dan Savage voted against the viaduct rebuild live and in-person. But what I enjoyed the most, was that even though we sat in row 'Z' (literally) I could revel in the wash of wickedly funny and insightful writing.

This American Life was why I started writing in the first place; I like to hear my stories read by others (check out 17 min. 50 sec into the show). More importantly, I understand more by sharing with others.

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