Thursday, June 26, 2008

Art Camp Catch-up

I'm spending my days in the lush green confines of a 54 acre compound. I'm staying on campus for the summer and am having a great time trying to maintain a balanced life in the center of a place designed to over stimulate the senses. The school I work for is world renowned for...well... a lot of things.. but mostly it's world renowned as the place to go to learn about creating art with glass.

My life up here is bucolic and chill. I have a pretty sweet situation, and I'm grateful for it. Most days speed by in a mixture of work and fun with only occasional stress. I live in a staff cabin that is probably 16' by 12', just enough room for a bed, a desk and me. My commute consists of a seven minute walk down the meadow to my office.

I chose to work on campus this summer in the hopes of shaking my life up a bit. Change is so good for the mind and soul. In the last two months things have definitely shaken. I've met some really sweet amazing people and had the opportunity to absorb a lot of new printing techniques. Mostly I'm reminded of the intense potential for happiness that comes from getting to do what you love every day.

I'm reinvigorated, and can't wait to see what happens next.


klineola said...

Good to hear everything is all bucholic and shizzle.

schnekin little said...

Thanks, bucolic, bucholic.. however you spell it out, it's da bomb right now.