Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lithography is Fun

Here are some more photos and notes from Jack Damer's visit to Indiana University:

Kelly and Andrew drying the stone

Color, color, color.

We mixed color inks with magnesium carb and 25% transparent on the stone, if we were going to use a photo plate then mag carb and #7 or 8 varnish was suggested. For our stone, we transfered a Xerox collage to the stone with wintergreen oil and then added and subtracted to the image with hand work.

Notes on printing color reduction - roll up with black and then roll up with color, print first color then roll up with black again. Dry, rosin, talc, rub with clean rag and gum the stone then reduce. We used a variety of reduction tools to scrape away the image: razor blade, sandpaper, litho stone chip with carborundum and water, exato, etc. Re etch with 12 drops acid to 2oz gum, paint on and mush around. Then wet whole stone with gum and leave on for a good while (30 min?). Wipe with cheese cloth, buff, wash out with lithotine and roll up with second color.

Jack and Ed roll up the second color.

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