Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'm a movin'

Yup, it's time, my two years in one place timer has gone off and I'm packin' up this joint and movin'...5 miles north of here. This is odd, I don't often move homes an stay in the same state, usually if I'm going to go through the upheaval of moving I do it up right and get the hell out of Dodge. I love it here, Seattle really suits me, and so I'm not planning to leave the area any time soon. In fact, this move is happening because I'm flirting with the idea of spending a bit more quality time in Seattle, where the housing market defies gravity, 'look it floats, even without a bubble." I like peeps I work for and the peeps I hang with and so I'm thinking it might be nice to be able to keep those things and also afford to buy a place of my own someday, or at least have the option of purchasing in the near-ish future.
I'm going to house sit for 6 months and then well, then, I'm not really sure yet, but those 6 months of no rent should give me a good footing for the next 'thing'.
SO, in honor of my current yet soon to be former apartment, I'm going to share some of the wonderful things in my neighbor hood, in my neighboorhood, in my neighhhboooorhoood. (Sesame Street song)

I live in Pioneer Square, the location of the second Euro-American settlement in Seattle. The first was Alki beach, but the settlers decided that this side of the bay was way cooler, well warmer that is, more sheltered from storms and deeper moorage for boats. Pioneer Square is home of the 'First Everything' in Seattle: first meeting hall, first house, steam mill etc. Seattle was built up pretty swiftly because of the trees ie. timber in the area, and then it burned. It burned to the ground, in 1889 when a glue pot boiled over. After the fire, they rebuilt the city right on top of the rubble. I live on the 3rd floor of my building but there is another story complete with another set of sidewalks, a good ten feet below today's sidewalks.

Now a days, Pioneer Square has become this fascinating melange of tourists, here to see the history, homeless, here for the fabulous services, and people like me who love living in the high ceiling ed lofty studio apartments. Here's a taste of my home village, check it out.


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