Sunday, December 9, 2007

Where the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Have Ya Been?

Sorry to be so MIA.

Super duper busy and no internet at the new house. (talk about culture shock) The neighbors have wireless but I'm a little wary of using it unless I have to.

So let me recap some of the last month or so - Auction - It's over, we grossed 1.4 mil and net about 1 mil. It was a really amazing evening, a little on the debaucherous side. I played it pretty low key what with the huge amounts of stress and new sobriety and all. But I looked fantastic, if I may say so myself, striking. And I got to spend some time in the Presidential suite of The Westin, (hotel where the auction is) and the room was about the size of my parent's house. (picture is at the preview)

Then the next two days were spend emptying, patching and painting my apartment. Very. Sad. I will really miss my downtown life and that apartment was pretty special to me, but on to bigger and better things like a debt free life. Four days after the auction was my last day in my apartment, the day before I left for Hawaii and the week that my dear friend Joe moved to New York, it was a lot of emotions to juggle.

Then I went to Hawaii, a dreamy place where I got to be mostly to all naked most of the time. Love the warm climates. Polly was working most of the time so I did a lot of hiking on my own, which I found really soothing. I slept on the porch and so was witness to more then one magenta sunrise. I reconnected with my best friend from grade school who lives on Maui and who I hadn't spent any time with in about 7 years. The whole trip was a blessing and it put a lot of my dreams and fears into perspective. Then I came back to Seattle and have been spending some time trying to get accustomed to my new living situation.

I'm obsessed with Cormac McCarthy. Read No Country and The Road in one week. Chilling.

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